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Completed Projects

Reconstruction of two cisterns (one for a two-story restroom structure and the other which would contain a two-story elevator) for the purpose of modernizing the historical home while keeping the period aesthetics authentic.

French Quarter headquarters made into luxury apartments.

Repairs made according to historic guidelines

Replacing 80% of the 4-level structure supports from basement to attic.  Repairing faulty work from previous 1050’s renovation, reusing brick salvaged from an interior wall to restore chimney to proper height which was destroyed after Katrina, rebuilding rear brick wall from inside out that was in danger of collapsing, restoring leaded-glass windows, replicating existing windows, and working with historical society to enhance yet maintain the existing structure.

Extensive exterior renovations of the entire building envelope, doors and windows, general refurbishing of its interior and structural reinforcements of the existing building, framing, systems and roofing assemblies.

Update function while maintaining original structure.

Monumental entrance gate post rebuild of cast stone brick which involved restoration and fabrication of existing cast stone units; involving replication of original design mix

Repair and renovates historic structure.

Interior and Exterior structural and architectural repairs to the building in summer of 2017

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